Well folks, we are back in business. Me and my new, bright pink keyboard are ready to rock and roll on the blog-front. Sweet pants am I excited! No more updating from my kindle! No more updating from my kindle, and then adding photos from my computer at a later time. times are good!

So what have I been up to this fine Saturday? Well, we had class this morning and Margui related my recent exploits to Carlos, such as buying some jugo de mango all by my lonesome. And we…learned things. Can’t quite remember what particularly, but I’m sure we learned something.

Then we headed out for “The Center” for exploring. Then we walked to “Central Park” where I bought this super sweet keyboard that isn’t fritzed and is, did I mention, pink. I also drank some sugar cane juice and Carlos made us talk to strangers. Also I saw some nuns.

Carlos tells me there is an Alliance Francaise here in Barranquilla, and it’s near where we were today. Of course, I already knew there was an Alliance here, but any occasion I can get for having Carlos speak French I will take. It amuses me. Unfortunately my Spanish seems to be leaking into my French. Little muys and sis sneak in, although I must admit the occasional donc attempts to replace an entonces. Ah well, I hope I can continue working on my French and possibly my  Chinese after training when I’m not as hardcore learning Spanish.

This just in: no Confucious Institute in Barranquilla.

What else did I do today? I went over to Ashley’s house with Jessica and Kendra and Omar and consumed brownies and practiced my Spanish listening skills and generally acted silly. Jazz hands!

And now I’m home with the fam. Everyone’s in high gear for the elections tomorrow. My host mom is running for…something. But I don’t even understand American politics let alone Colombian local elections, so…yeah.

Oh hey yeah! The picture of me on a roof is from yesterday which was so super boring that I kind of forgot it happened. We spent pretty much all day trying to get our immigration stuff in order. But if that sounds kind of like we were actively doing something, be advised that we weren’t. Mostly we were just sitting around. But, the bright point of the day was during lunch when Kendra, Ashley and I went up to the roof of the Peace Corps building and watched a storm roll in.


2 responses »

  1. Mom says:

    Hey….anther keyboard is rolling our way! It can be your backup in case the pink one fizzles!
    Love you

  2. Mom says:

    I see you are taking pictures of architectural details again!

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