Floating Jesus sculpture as seen in Barranquilla

As my favorite travel-buddy Emily can attest, I rather enjoy walking. Indeed, we once walked the entire length and breadth of Nanjing. Perhaps I exaggerate.  Regardless, let me give you the pros and cons of walking around in Barranquilla.

Pro: You’re on a bus and don’t really know where you are. You think you’re near your house so you decided to de-bus. You’re in luck as the streets in Barranquilla are on a number system! Further, many of the intersections have sign posts to tell you where you are! Calles run North-South, Carreras run East-West mas o menos. You can find your way home from anywhere if you’re willing to walk!

They really don't want to let the house.

Cons: Some roads aren’t really perpendicular to each other.  My whole block is sort of diagonaled. Some road intersections aren’t marked; you may go awhile in the wrong direction before you realize it. Some roads don’t connect to others. You may overshoot. Some roads have letters, for instance 42 A-F. One block just turned into six!

Pro: Every house gets to provide its own sidewalk, it would seem. Creative expression through tiling is encouraged!

Con: Each house’s bit of sidewalk is at another level than its neighbors. There may be stairs. Wet tiles can be treacherous and ubiquitous in the rainy season. Take care!

Near Ashley's house--definitely too far to walk.

Pro: The sidewalks are above the level of the flooding due to arroyos (usually).

Con: There will be more stairs down to sidewalk level. Also that we have arroyos.

Not too bad, eh? I walked to my school for practicum week because, honestly, there don’t seem to be any buses that run from my house to barrio Boston. (Ridiculousness of the bus system for another post). There’s one that runs back, but I can’t find where it picks up going the other direction. I walk to supermarkets often. I walked home tonight with Kendra for a good 45 minutes. Gotta combat all the arepas I’m eating somehow!

In other news, I think I may have fixed my camera’s focusing problems by giving the lens a nice, firm cleaning. Fingers crossed for better quality photos!


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  1. Nancy Quinn says:

    Hi Abby,

    Love your blog! I met a peace corps volunteer from the sixties today. He was in Sierra Leone. I could tell that it had been a super important time for him, which he felt even after all these years. He told me about a student he sponsored who went on to become a doctor and helped rebuild his country after the war. I’m so glad and proud that you’re representing our country in the peace corps.

  2. Nancy Quinn says:

    My picture was in the paper because I helped another lady pick up cigarette butts at the city dock in Fredericksburg, as part of the butts are litter campaign. We got 400 in 45 minutes! We’ve had a week long event called America Recycles with the Sierra Club and Ten Thousand Villages. I toured the landfill, the warehouse at Goodwill, a green building aikido dojo, made a shopping bag of an old t-shirt, and modeled in the trashion show wearing my cut-up t-shirt design with a hat made of the shirt sleeve. It was so much fun. Thanks for the great insights into your travels and work. Love, Aunt Nancy

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