I have a confession to make.  When people ask me where I’m from, I now say that I’m from Georgia. I mean, even though I was born in New York, I only lived there for eight years, and half that time I can’t even remember.  I lived in Georgia from the time I was eight until shortly after I turned 21. Over twelve years if my math doesn’t fail me.

Though, as people are constantly pointing out to me, I don’t talk like a Southern. Yeah, I know. It’s on purpose.

I still feel like a sort of cultural ambassador from the South with my Peace Corps buddies here. I mean, I had to explain the concept of boiled peanuts to my lunch table the other day. Sigh. Life is tough sometimes. Somethings just cannot be described.

And I miss Georgia. I haven’t been back for almost a year and a half. Much too long.

So, I’ve been looking up youtube videos of people with real thick Southern accents in my spare time.


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  1. Mom says:

    A phone call from cousin Ryan is all you need to get a dose of the South! I reckon your just a bit homesick for Spanish moss, live oak trees and fire ants (not!)

  2. Nancy Quinn says:

    Abby, you could just call Ryan.

  3. Nancy Quinn says:

    okay, I just read your Mom’s comment. We’re thinking alike. I actually had trouble understanding him the last time we talked!

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