Cartagena Cartagena Cartagena!!!!!!!

Site visit next week!


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  1. Gramma says:

    iT SOUNDS EXCITING………It will be a changing environment as tourists come and go…(& how fortunate. one of the local teachers is fluent in French, in case there is a need for translator). Your Mom and Dad are still here <3…We have gone thru all the old family pics and all 4 families have selected a bundh of photos to take home….(Your Dad was such a sweet little baby.)They will drive us out to the airport in the morning, and then, they fly home tomorrow afternoon. We will be in FLa till 12-20. I gave your Mom your Christmas check, and told her to deposit it early…All else is good………you would have enjoyed seeing Beckett……he is "manly"…and eager about everything……..doing well at school, etc. U. Michael took pics….hope they are online soon……….We will be watching to see how your trip into Cartegana goes…You do such a nice job with your blog…THANKS FOR DOING THAY….Love Gram<3

    • Ana T Starke says:

      Hola Abby, Yo soy Ana de Colombia Espero que estes pasando bien Colombia. Yo estoy hoy en la libreria Porter donde tu Tia Nancy Trabaja y ella me comento de la mision tuya en Colombia, de paso felicitacion por la gran labor que tu estas haciendo por Colombia. Y tu Tia Nancy te manda muchos Carinitos. garcias y un Abrazo.
      Ana T Starke

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