I’m back from my school visit in Cartagena, and it was a success. I’m really tired though, so I’m just going to keep things short tonight.
The Basics:
This week was just a sort of remedial week for students that were kind of failing, so there wasn’t a whole lot going on.
I got to meet all of the English teachers, and I think most of the other teachers too.
Our school has a large deaf population, something like 50/2000 students. I made friend with a kid named Victor. Maybe I can learn some Colombian Sign Language?
My school is the closest out of all the Cartagena schools to the walled city. It’s beautiful. Sketchbooks will be filled.
There’s plenty to do at my school. My counterpart has lots and lots of ideas about what I could do. Primary school English, Secondary School English, English club, English classes for English teachers, English classes with non-English teachers, English with the deaf students, music projects, and the list goes on.
Met a former Peace Corps volunteer who served in Colombia from 1964 and just never left. She lives in Cartagena now and I think she will be a great resource.
Also one of the teachers at my school is married to a former PCV who served in Colombia.
Oh, and also, instead of having arroyos like we have here, Cartagena just has flooding in the low areas. Like around my school. It rained hard on Tuesday, and flooded. By the time I left this afternoon (Friday) there was still about six inches of standing water in some streets.
I’m excited!
Looking forward to a good weekend back in the Baq.

Que bonita es esta vida! 


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  1. Mom says:

    some more outstanding photos Abby!
    Love ya

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