Yesterday I went to a (fairly low-key) party and behaved like a normal person. I did not get out my knitting or my sketchbook all night, which I think is quite an accomplishment.

After the party, seven of us went to siete bocas where a cumbia circle was going down. Cumbia, in case you are wondering, is a rather flirtatious, if somewhat slow-moving dance, involving voluminous skirts, spiffy hats, and handfuls of flames. Although usually there aren’t handfuls of flames. I think  that was just for the holiday.

Oh, and yesterday was a holiday. Actually I guess it was technically today in the wee hours. Apparently you’re supposed to go out and light candles at about 2 am to celebrate the immaculate conception. And what better way to stay up until 2 than dancing, drinking and partying?

I also got invited to an event on Sunday entitled “Feliz Cumpleaños Señor Jesucristo,” where there it is purported that there will be “Hebrew folk dancing” for which my Colombian friends have been practicing for the last two months. I’m thinking of making a support poster, as it’s going to be in the stadium downtown, but I haven’t  thought of a good slogan yet.  Sounds like a party!

Today, however, I haven’t even left the house. Which is kind of like an accomplishment… only not.  I did finish our super fun Peace Corps take home test though, so that’s good.


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  1. Brian Young says:

    You could have you poster say:


    Which means:
    To Life!

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