What did I do  this weekend?

I’ll give you a hint, I certainly didn’t clean my room. Highlights include

making delicious delicious raspberry/blackberry jam with Emily and Heidi Friday night (we are such party cats)

Getting somewhat lost on my way to Saturday class at the Plaza de las Aduanas (old customs house/train station) but getting there eventually after putting on my big girl panties and taking unfamiliar buses and asking people for directions (incidentally, I rather think most of my panties are big girl panties since last year’s moving to China business) We had an interesting time in the library there and met  an interesting guy who might or might not be associated with Pixar who might or might not be making a movie about Cartagena.   It was all rather confusing.

Saturday afternoon I had some of the ladies over and we baked cookies, French braided each other’s hair, talked about boys and painted our toenails pink. Actually only the first two, but the cookies were delicious enough to make up for the lack of pink toenails.

Saturday night we went out to a pizza joint to hear one of our fellow trainees play drums with a jazz combo. I had a song dedicated to me. Georgia, Georgia, the whole night through…  Chance is an auditory learner, so you can check out his recorded adventures at Peacecorpspodcast.com (can I link you here Chance? Are you cool with that?)

Sunday morning was entirely dedicated to sleeping and avoiding any semblance of doing homework or cleaning.

And Sunday afternoon was the “Happy Birthday Mr. Jesus”  party. Definitely worth the week long anticipation.  Despite the passing similarity to a Billy Graham crusade, this event had a particularly Colombian flavor. From the hot dog and snack vendors roaming the stands psst-ing at people, to the Israeli folk dancing, to the nativity pageant including Adam and Eve  dressed in nothing but nude lyrca body suits, to the ear-splitting music, to the fireworks at the end, a good time was had by all.
Since we didn’t really understand what was happening a good portion of the time, we contented ourselves with cat-calling Julie’s brothers as they finished their dancing or singing. We’d be like “wooo! woo! you’re awesome!” and they’d be like hide face in shame, oh my embarrassing gringo friends. 

But tonight I am a tired monita. After I finish my super delightful cup of chocolate ice cream my host parents just brought in the house, I think I’ll turn in. Two days until I swear in as an official volunteer!

I wonder what this would taste like drizzled  with raspberry jam?


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  1. Mom says:

    I have my pink Florida toenails on! I am having fun with the girls like you are but we have yet to find a jazz combo dedicating songs to us…and by the way that’s my song!

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