Reporting from my kitchen table here over a bowl of lo mein and a glass of lemon tea.  It’s Christmas Eve here on the Costa, which by all accounts should be a bigger day than Christmas.

Whereas some of my friends living  with Catholic host families here will be enjoying a late night supper and midnight mass, we are going the evangelical route of 7  o’clock service and 9 o’clock dinner. My host mom  will be singing in the service and there will most likely be dancing.

Presents for the little ones  are stashed in my room; I guess it’s the most secretive room in the house.

Yesterday Kendra and I were at our local Exito super market and there was a  bevy of Santas and hot girls in scanty Mrs. Claus type outfits parading around and dancing to the small band of drums, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet playing Christmas carols at perfect fifths. Then I was in the Christmas spirit.

Tomorrow the volunteers are going to have a potluck. Should be good.

Oh, and our Barranquilla city team, the Juniors, won some kind of national futbol something so, yay!  There was much throwing of beer and partying in the streets.

ps I’m using the chopsticks you sent me Ian and Meghan. How I miss eating with chopsticks all the time.


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  1. Mom says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas season with all the new sights and sounds of Colombia and your new friends. We will miss you at the Plaza’s celebration!

  2. Gramma says:

    Sounds like your Christmas is busy and joyful…that i good. Are you in Cartegana yet? We are having “Miami of the North” weather….that is good too…No problems getting around. We’re hoping to head back to Fla about Jan 2. Did you read your e mail? Timm and Joy are grandparents…Rachael and Mike’s little guy is Weston Turner…Alfred the Great (Grandfather) is quite thrilled too….just call me G G Love Gram<3

  3. abbyinthebox says:

    Thanks for the well wishes guys! Glad to hear baby Turner has made his appearance. I’m still in Barranquilla until mid-January.

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