Parque Tayrona was absolutely fabulous. I went with eight of  my lovely fellow Peace Corps ladies and we had a great time.

We slept in hammocks. The first night we slept in hammocks on a cliff over the ocean where you can hear the waves crashing all night. But it ended up being pretty cold and damp. I was so cold I had to sleep under my slightly damp towel all night with a sweater on. Colombia should not be this cold!  So the next night we moved down the hill. Which was slightly less cold but still found me shivering under a damp towel until morning when I moved into Emily’s hammock  to get  warm.  Our surprise night  we moved further inland where I finally was  warm. Or at least I slept deeply enough  from the Benadryl I took that I didn’t notice the cold (I did have very graphic zombie dreams  that night though).

mmm. What did we do? We spent whole days lazing around on the beach, hiking through the woods, taking pictures, chatting and meeting new people.

Let’s get to New Years. We had smuggled in some rum in a listerine bottle, so we got to have minty rum and cokes. We met up with a group of English and Irish guys that were also  in a large, single sex group, so we combined  forces into a giant, English speaking table. The stars were out and completely beautiful from the clear, pristine beaches. Some people had a  candlelit drum circle  and there was dancing. I retired gracefully to my hammock at 1 because they didn’t play “En Barranquilla me quedo” which is my favorite. Also I was tired.

But yeah. Mostly it was just beautiful and we were just lazy. A great New Years!

Hope your New Year’s celebration was as lovely as ours.

Here’s to an equally lovely 2012!


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  1. Mom says:

    I want to stay in that hut on the hill when we go! Great photos, what a beautiful place. It will be a New Year’s Eve you will always remember.
    Love you

  2. Nancy Quinn says:

    Abby, the photos and reporting are wonderful! I have just caught up after the holidays. We were in Augusta for Christmas. It sounds like you’re having fun.

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