Well, today’s the day I bid a fond farewell to Barranquilla, and all the friends I’m leaving behind here, and get on a bus to move to Cartagena!

I’ve been a flurry of a packing hurricane all of yesterday, with a brief stopover for one last meal at OpenDog with Emily, and I am proud to say that I  managed to fit all my stuff back into my two suitcase, one backpack and a purse that I brought with me with only the addition of my mosquito net bag, and a small gift back with spill-able toiletries  in it. I’m ready to go!

But  how do I feel? I feel ready to move on from training and Barranquilla; I’m ready to put down some roots in my new town and really get to know my new host family and neighbors and school community.

I don’t feel particularly ready to start working at my school, but luckily we have a nice, long observation period before  we even get started co-teaching, so I’ll have some time to figure things out.

And I hear my new host family has a cat!

So, wish me luck as this town, this school, and this family will be the next two years of my life.


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  1. Mom says:

    I hope it is just the place for you! We are going to Saratoga today to hit the hot tubs. I’ll be thinking of and praying for you as you make this important move while I soak in the water.

  2. alaina says:

    Abby, this is a new beginning! I will be praying for you and all the connections you will be making. I know this is a divinelyappointed time. There are exciting adventures and lives will be changed. Love you!

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