I have arrived in Cartagena safely!

Right now I’m making like a Colombian and sitting in a mall food court using my computer  on their free wifi! Because, unfortunately, I no longer have wi-fi in the house. Sad day. Maybe I’ll actually be able to concentrate on anything now.

Interestingly enough, however, my new host family owns  a “internet cafe,” which is to say that the front room of our house has two little phone booths,  and two little computer booths, plus a printer and copy machine, and people come in and out and do their business. Unfortunately my host abuelos are not super computer literate. I was helping them do something on  the computers earlier today. But that’s cool. We can share expertise! Unfortunately, I couldn’t really figure out what it was that they wanted me to do on the computer.

How’s my new home stay? Pretty good.  I’m living with an older couple in their seventies, who are retired but own an “internet cafe.” I also got to meet my host grandmother’s mother, who is ninety one.

My room is a little smaller, but I have my own bathroom, a fan, and a slightly defunct television. My room is also not entirely connected to the house, so that’s pretty cool.  There is supposedly another renter living in the house, but I haven’t met him yet.

My neighborhood seems fine, except that we live on a kind of crowded street. And I can walk to my school! And to the mall I’m  at!

That’s pretty much all I’ve got right now. I’m still recovering from the move and missing having a circle of friends that I had in Barranquilla, but I know I’ll adjust soon enough.

Also, it’s super hot here in Cartagena. I already feel tanner.

Anyways. Just wanted to give an update. Haven’t really dragged the old camera around too much, so just a few pictures for you on this post.

I might be updating a little more sporadically than before. But then again  maybe not. I’ll have to see. Chao for now!


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  1. Nancy Quinn says:

    Hi Abby! The photos of your new home are great. It gives me a way to invision your life in Cartagena. Today I read an article in the Washington Post about Guangzhou. So, I continue to be interested in China because of you. Now, I am checking out books about Colombia. Is there any literature you think I should know about?

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