I’ve been having internet issues for the last while,  as the wifi hotspot I had been going to wasn’t letting me connect, and at first I thought it was my  computer being stupid, but now I realize it was  their internet.   So now I’m sitting in a different mall, enjoying a midday snack of tostaditas (melba toast) and cream cheese  with a side of carrot juice, and for which I waited in line at the grocery  store for probably an hour. Remind me not to go shopping on Saturdays.

Anyways, nothing much has been happening lately.

Yesterday there was a surprise cumbia parade in my neighborhood; so much a surprise that I have no pictures. But it was very exuberant and colorful and there were dancers with torches.  The cutest  part was two little boys, probably about eight, one had a bass drum strapped to his back and the other was following him, beating the drum. Adorable.

In other news, I’ve taken a definitive stand concerning my diet of bollo, and have told my host mom just what I think of it.  The first night I told  her that platano and bollo are not very delicious, and are, in fact, boring. The next night I asked her what we had for dinner  and when she said bollo, I told her I would cook for myself. That was yesterday, and it caused a bit of a stir, but I have very low hopes of being  offered anything more appetizing. But! I have taken control of my fate and do not mind cooking for myself. But I shan’t eat anymore bollo.

We found a tasty Indian restaurant.  I mean, it’s no “The Antelope” in Burns, Wyoming. But you take what you can get.

I was inspired to get out the old oboe last night. I feel much better.  Sometime I’ll have to write a blog post on the confessions of an ex-music major in Colombia.

hmm. Other than that, I’ve just been reading a lot. I’m kind of slow to make new friends, so it’s been hard. But I know things will get better. And until then, I have my kindle to keep me company!


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  1. Mom says:

    I hope you find some wonderful friends…a music friend or two would be especially nice. I am working on my Burns WY contour map art piece that will feature the Antelope restaurant prominently. We need to go out their soon for a fact finding mission and a samosa or two!

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