Today is the one month mark for being at site. A month seems like kind of a long time, but looking back on it, I haven’t really done all that much.

At my school, things still haven’t really gotten underway. After two weeks of having just teachers at the school for planning and meetings, and a little over two weeks of classes, I still don’t have a permanent schedule from my afternoon teachers. I have one for the morning, which I got last Monday, over a week ago, which is wonderful except for those two 6:30 am classes I’m going to have to show up for every week. I cannot guarantee chipperness.

I’m supposed to be observing classes, for about a month. I’m counting from when we started having English classes, which is last week. I’m already itching to do something, anything! So I’m probably going to start having Saturday morning English classes for the community, although hopefully it will be mostly teachers that show up. That’s the idea. I might start as soon as next week.

I’ve made a few friends, which has been really wonderful. I accidentally met someone who is involved with the Cartagena couch surfing scene, so I’ve started going to some of the couch surfing meetups. Here it seems to be less of a ¨staying overnight in strangers houses¨ and more of a ¨go to cool free events in town with a bunch of people your age¨ kind of thing. It’s been good. Unfortunately none of these people live in my immediate neighborhood, but that’s alright. Usually at any one time there’s about half to two thirds Cartageneros and the others come from all around the world, so I’ve been meeting all kinds of people.

I’m going to Barranquilla this weekend for the second largest Carnaval in the world, so expect some exciting blog posts. In reality, I’ll probably end up hanging out with my Peace Corps besties who live in BAQ, but I’m sure something carnaval-y will happen. I’ll keep you guys updated.


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