Tensions run high in the Peace Corps group. Or, did you know we have an inquisition museum in Cartagena and it's free the last Sunday of every month?

Lately there’s been a film festival going on in Cartagena, which also apparently happens every year. I’m already looking forward to next year’s and this year’s isn’t even over yet. Why is this so cool? Because all the films are free. For the price of arriving early, you get the privilege of sitting in an air conditioned room and watching a movie you probably have never heard of before. One time, there was also free popcorn.

Some of the movies have been really good, and some we’ve had to walk out of because of the crippling boringness. But mostly they have been interesting.

Otherwise, things are rolling along normally here. I started my co-planning of classes today, and will start the co-teaching of classes next week. It will be good to be actually start doing something useful instead of moping around all the time. I don’t deal very well with downtime, and downtime has been the one thing I’ve had a-plenty here. Downtime and heat. Not doing anything makes me grumpy, and considering the person who was at my site before was known for her perpetual smile, I rather think my teachers think that I am a poor and miserable replacement. But we’ll turn things around. We will.

It will be interesting to see how the sharing of the class goes in this “co-teaching” scheme. I kind of feel like coming in and doing a month of observation as per Peace Corps guidelines may be firmly settling me in the assistant to the teacher category. But I could be wrong. I’ll let you guys know next week how things are going.

There’s also been a lot of walking around in Cartagena going on, chilling out on the walls overlooking the city, hanging out in air conditioned mall food courts (guilty of this right now), and air conditioned coffee shops.  There’s still a lot of hanging out in my room and reading books in English, but I find the more I get out of the house, the happier I am. And conversely, the less happy I am, the less I want to leave my room at all. But all in all, I am eager to be starting work next week. Very eager indeed.


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