Well, we had an exciting one week reunion in Barranquilla. I’m guessing the main purpose wasn’t just for all the volunteers to see each other after a couple months of being apart from each other, but that was my main goal. I also used the monitor of the volunteer computer to transfer all the files from my broke-down old computer to my shiny new computer. So that’s two goals accomplished.

We also talked about ideas for the future, and other good things to keep in mind as our service goes on.  I got some ideas that I’m hoping will come to fruition, but I don’t really want to put anything out there just yet. It’s too early to say what will happen. But I feel recharged and ready to…. talk to people about things that we could do. It’s going to take awhile before anything exciting happens.

We also learned more about dealing with the bureaucracy that is Peace Corps. Not looking forward to using this reporting tool to just tell them that I’ve been watching classes and not really doing very much. sigh.

In other news…not very much going on here.

I hear new volunteers are going to be coming along soon. (Hi new volunteers! We’re excited for you to come!) We’re thinking about how we can make the transition better for them, and how to make training better and more interesting and all. We enjoy speculating about what the new volunteers are like, and what schools we can put them in, and whether we know any good host families to put them in. I’m super excited for the newbies to come along. Take some of the pressure off of us maybe.

Reason why I love Colombia for today: Super happy to be back in hot hot hot Cartagena. After spending all of last week freezing in the air conditioning, I’m very excited to be sweating and letting the last of the breezes of the winter cool me off.  I hear the rainy season is starting soon. Or something. It’s rained approximately twice in the past over three months. And even then for only about 15 minutes. It’s strange to think that when we first got here it rained just about everyday, and enough to flood the streets.  Whereas in Barranquilla, we had arroyos here in Cartagena, it’s probable that all the streets will just flood and the water will sit there for days and days. So much to look forward to.

This week is Semana Santa and I think I’ll be taking some day trips to places nearabouts here. Mud volcano, islands, beaches, and hanging out in the city with friends should be a great week of vacation. Other volunteers are coming into town and I get to show off my city and my friends and a great time will be had by all.

After Semana Santa, we are going to have the Summit of the Americas confrence right here in Cartagena! I feel like I should make a lesson plan about that or something.


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  1. Peter says:

    Hi! There is a possibility that I will be serving with PC in Columbia starting in August, though nothing is official as of yet. I was hoping to get some information about how things are going for you guys. I was just evacuated from PC Honduras, and am hoping to get started somewhere else soon. If you have the time, please email me at Macala1588@gmail.com. I’d love to ask some questions!

  2. pckatie says:

    I will be coming to join you all as a part of the next group of volunteers in August! So far I have only found one other person who has an invitation already, I am hoping more will start going out soon! I have been following all of your blogs and love reading about everything that’s going on. Can’t want to join you in August 🙂

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