of musings, ramblings, and adventures to make a public service announcement: My big brother’s birthday is today!! (or possibly yesterday by this point.) Yay for 26!

Isn’t he super adorable?

My brother has always been the best of big brothers. A perfect mixture of good role model, playmate, and encourager. All through High School, I followed my big brother’s footsteps. He did band, I did band. He did drama, I did drama. He never took my dad’s art class in High School, I never took my dad’s class either. How much of that is because we have similar tastes and how much is because anything my brother does is the coolest thing ever, I don’t know.

Even though he lives super far away now, and he’s going to be a father soon, he will always be my big brother and I will always miss him while he’s away.

As soon as we are together again, I insist upon not only a round of The Arkham Horror but also Tales of the Arabian Nights.

Thanks for being the awesomest!

That’s all for now, more updates on life in Colombia coming soon…


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  1. What a nice post for your brother! Love the pictures too! I wish we could all be together for a family game night including the soon to be,newest board gamer Beatrix!

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