Birthday time once more!

Sorry that this post is kind of late. I’ve been meaning to post it but sometimes I’m just so lazy.

The run down:

First, we went out to eat Indian food, which is rapidly becoming a birthday tradition for me. I ate Indian food for my birthday last year in Beijing.

Then, we went out to the wall and had a minicake and some Aguilas.

Then, we went out dancing! That PCV Mike is a great salsa dancer!

And I got to wear a fancy dress that earned me not only many cat-calls, but also many compliments.

I also enjoyed walking around in Getsemani district and running into people I kind of know and allowing them to wish me a happy birthday in many different languages.

And, this week at school, I got sung to by two of my classes.

Oh, and we also had an epic triple birthday bonanza in Barranquilla last week. I don’t have any pictures of that though, sorry.

And we had a long weekend! Probably to celebrate my birthday, but possibly for some sort of Catholic holiday.

All in all, it was a good day, and a great week thanks to the efforts of my new Colombian friends, and my PC buddies.


(the only reason I remember what I did last year is that I have a handy blog entry telling me what I did last year


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  1. Nancy Quinn says:

    Glad you had a happy birthday, Abby! Looks like so much fun going on there!

  2. Wombat's Log says:

    […] machetes this year though. Last year’s birthdayand the year […]

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