Well, it turned out not too bad.

I have a bunch more fillings, and I got my teeth cleaned with something that felt like they were sand blasting my mouth. But on the whole, it was okay.

And the have really powerful anesthetics. When they were working on my front teeth, the shot that they gave me hurt like the dickens, but it also did a good job of making sure I felt absolutely nothing for a long while afterwards. It also made my nose go to sleep to.

The shot they gave me today in my lower molar area traveled all the way up the side of my face and made my left eyelid fall asleep. At first I just thought I suddenly enjoyed winking a lot more. Then I realized I couldn’t tell that my left eye was also opening and closing.

So, Peace Corps Volunteers of Colombia, even though going to the dentist is always terrible, this dentist is no more terrible than any other. Everything was fine.


Also I almost drowned, or choked. Ahogar can mean drown or choke. The amount of water they were putting in my mouth, and the amount they were taking out was not the same.

That’s all for now. Also no pictures. Who wants to see pictures of a dentist’s office?

Well, okay. One unrelated picture for you.

Abandonned circus-theater?


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  1. Brian Young says:

    I would have wanted some pictures, even ones of your mouth. I would have wanted to see what work was being done.

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