1) Pony Malta

I’m going through a slight Pony Malta craze. I’m guessing this all stems from my childhood. My parents tell a story about me as a preschool, in which, upon seeing our family friend/boarder Luis drinking some kind of a malted drink, I asked to try it, telling everyone around: “I like alcohol.”

Pony Maltas are kind of strange, but also delicious. They also come in little teeny tiny bottles marketed towards preschoolers, which I find an entirely satisfying amount of soda.

2) Limon Chips

When I lived in China, I went through salt and vinegar chips withdrawals. Luckily, here in Colombia we have lime chips! Totally satisfies.

Today at the bottom of my papitas de limon came a prize! A packet of mayonnaise!

3) Prawn Chips:

No, I did not buy prawn chips here in Colombia. My brother and sister-in-law sent them to me from Japan. They sent me a box full of strange Japanese food for my birthday. Apparently the box had an epic journey getting here, getting stuck in customs, escaping from customs by putting itself in the system twice, being marked as beef jerky (that was a surprising thing to see on the customs slip for my birthday present, being a vegetarian and all), and finally being carried all over the city of Barranquilla, and all on the buses, and all over Cartagena. Epic.

Please enjoy this somewhat unrelated image of other things my brother and sister-in-law have been up to, namely giving birth to my baby niece!


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