“I just wanted to thank you for being with us this semester. Honestly, I don’t like English. I’ve never really paid attention in English class; it’s not really my thing. But, this past semester was not as boring. We played interesting games, the time went by a lot faster, and maybe, just maybe, I even learned something.” -Angel, 11th grade student (paraphrased from Spanish)

Tuesday was my last day working with the 11th raders in an official capacity. And, wouldn’t you know it, it turned out to be one of those days that we just don’t have class. but, we snuck in a few minutes of clas time and my coteacher made a speech about how much she appreciated my work this semester, and how she’s sda we aren´t working together next semester. Then, she asked if any of the students wanted to say anything. Of course, my English club kids were all over that, and said verynce things that I certainly treasuer, but the speech that really struck me was from this kid Angel. He’s not an English club kid, but neither is he one of the super unmotivated kids. he’s just a very normal 11th grader. I consider his comments above to be a huge compliment.

Happy Summer vacation!

Also the second graders soccer match. Not as intense as the older kids.

Aerobics time everybody! Work it!

11th graders versus 10th graders soccer match as an end of semester celebration. The 10th graders won 5 – 0.


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