Ross-Bethio, Senegal, 2008

Beijing, China, 2010

The Peace Corps has this set of posters in their office that say “We all…” and then something like “eat” or “need a house” followed by gorgeous pictures of people around the world expressing this idea. This series of post is kind of like that, but mostly I’m just enjoying going through old photo albums and finding photos that are similar, but taken years and worlds apart. 

Cartagena, Colombia, 2012

Laundry is a chore that I don’t really mind. That is, if there is a washing machine. A washing machine is crucial. A dryer, however, is not. Growing up in Sparks, we never had a dryer, we always line dried. And just about every other country in the world doesn’t use dryers either. I enjoy smelling my newly clean clothes, giving the clothes a good shake, pinning them up on the line, and watching them flap in the breeze. Much better than emptying the drain catcher in the sink. That’s the worst.


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