I wasn’t expecting to become a teacher. I mean, my dad’s a teacher, that’s good enough reason not to want to become a teacher. But somehow, somewhere along the way, this became what I do. As of now, teaching English is my ticket to see the world, to meet new people, and maybe, just maybe, influence the lives of young people. Someone along the way might also learn some English. It could happen. Seriously though, when you see the light go offin a student’s head when they get something, or when you have a student tell you that you made a difference in their lives, that feeling is hard to beat.

Today I had seven students show up to English club, which is over double the three that I usually get. I guess we’ll have to see if they stick around, but I was happy. 


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  1. Lucky! Keep up the good work! May I ask how you got into teaching abroad? I was debating doing it–but being a teacher’s assistant (in France they have these, but “I’m not sure if other countries do).

    • abbyinthebox says:

      That´s actually kind of funny because my plan after University was to be a teacher´s assistant in France through their government program. But they put me on a waiting list of about 400, so I moved to China instead.
      My University put out a handout that had several teaching abroad opportunities at one point, and one of the happened to be in China. It sounded exciting so, off I went. Now I´m in Colombia with the Peace Corps. After this, I hope to apply to the teacher´s assistantship program in France one more time and hope that they want me now that I have more teaching experience. There is also a kind of similar program in Spain that I´m looking at. Next stop Europe!
      You just kind of have to dig around, and let things come up, and put some trust in complete strangers sometimes.

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