Happy one year anniversary C-II-3!

We’ve made it this far, and I know as long as we’re together, we’ll make it all the way through.

More reflective post on one year in Colombia, and possibly a one year in the numbers post to come down the pipes soon, but at the moment, please enjoy these pictures:

October 11, 2011: Leaving Wyoming Regional Airport (aka the last time I ever wore a jacket)

October 13, 2011: On the airplane bound for Barranquilla!

October 13, 2011: The grand arrival in Colombia

October – January 2011: Peace Corps Training at the Colombo Americano in Barranquilla Colombia

October – January 2011: PC training. One of our favorite activities is cooking.

November 2011: Site Announcements! Team Cartagena has been chosen!

December 2011: Swearing in as volunteers. (aka, the last time anyone wore a tie)

December 2011: Christmas/Hanukkah pool party!

January 2012: New Years with the ladies at Parque Tayrona!

January 15, 2012: Moving to Cartagena, my home for the next two years!

February 2012: Carnaval in BAQ

April 13, 2012: six month anniversary of being in Colombia! We wrote a jazz chant in commemoration

May 2012: Emily, Sammy, Abby and Jessica’s birthdays!

May 2012: 23rd Birthday in Cartagena

June 2012: My English club 11th graders are super cool people.

August 2012: I join an orchestra. It makes me happy

August 2012: New volunteers hit the country! Our numbers double!

October 2012: First trip out of the coast. The interior is like a different country

October 15, 2012 8:40 pm: One year, 2 days after showing up in Colombia. And nine months exactly in Cartagena!


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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the recap! Oh the places you have been! Oh the places you will go! Can’t wait to see you!!!!

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