ImageYesterday at about 5 AM it started raining. And raining and raining. I dragged my sorry self through the rain to school, jumping over, but mostly in, puddles and climbing up on curbs to avoid the water lapping up over the sidewalks and got myself into the school building, like a pollito mojado. (This is what my host mom says; Colombian version of drowned rat?)

And, well, it’s pretty much been raining ever since, with some unnecessary sunshine action in the afternoon, when I haven’t had my sunglasses with me all day.

And me without an umbrella. I just never think about getting one when it’s not raining, and then when it is raining, they seem to be nowhere to be found. I just have bad luck with umbrellas I guess.

Today I climbed out of bed knowing, just knowing, that class was going to be canceled because of the rain. But I wenImaget anyways, and the front door guard just gave me this look like “Are you completely crazy? It’s raining!” And sure enough, classes were canceled, but the teacher I wanted to see was still there, so it was not a complete wash. In fact, every single class that I was supposed to go to this week so far has been cancelled, mostly because of the rain.

My school seems to be built on a swamp. Every time it rains, the surrounding roads become canals of dirty brown water, the product of rain mixed with who-knows-what. The water sits there for days and days. I think we might be one of the lowest parts of the city. And just when we’re starting to dry out, it rains again.

Whatever. Better than the relentless sunshine. It would be nice to just have overcast without soaking rain though. Or Fall. Fall would be nice.


The view from outside my school; what it looks like about three days after a hard rain. Way more flooded right now.

Please enjoy pictures of the rain.


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