Here in Cartagena, it’s carnival season. Cartagena declared independance from Spain on this day in 18–? and now we party to commemorate it.

I haven’t been out and about ‘enjoying’ the festivities, but some of my eleventh graders are taking me out this afternoon. Here’s what we have to look forward to:

  • being splashed with water
  • being dusted with corn powder
  • being sprayed with foam
  • being doused with Kola Roman (bright red and 150% sugar I’m pretty sure)
  • being splashed? by something blue that my students were not accurately able to describe to me in English.

What else?

  • bus routes being funky and hooligans throwing water at you while you’re on the bus
  • parts of the city being shut down/closed off
  • parades? maybe?
  • Miss Colombia beauty contest, pretty sure we aren’t invited to that
  • lots and lots of picos
  • crowds
  • increased risk of pickpocketing

And most importantly:

  • no more classes!
  • (what am I going to do with all this free time?)

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  1. Mom says: This is a knitting for charity site. Could be something for your free time there or when you get home!

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