A very Peace Corps Colombia Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year was tied to our all volunteer conference in Barranquilla, which meant that us out of towners got to stay in a hotel for a week (hot water! air conditioning! per diem allowance!) and we got to hang out with all the new volunteers that just got sworn in on Monday.

We got split up for the actual Thanksgiving feast, but I went with some of my favorite relaxed rabbits to a non-traditional feast at the house of one of the staff members. Food highlights include:

  • lamb with couscous
  • cheese
  • refried beans
  • enchiladas
  • hummus
  • sparkling apple cider

Our med person at midterm checkups thinks I might be protein deprived. Possibly why every time I eat outside of the host family I just want to eat hamburgers. All the time.

Non food highlights include:

  • adorable kiddo of said staff member
  • jam session with uke, guitar and banjo (new addition from a new volunteer!)
  • bananagrams
  • lots of hugs
  • getting to know the new volunteers

Thanksgiving was really just an extension of what we volunteers love to do off jb: chatting with each other, cooking and eating delicious non-Colombian food, and music.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, whether it is at home or abroad, I hope you ate something delicious.



ETA: I forgt about the MOST IMPORTANT PART which is that we had another volunteer/staff futbol game and I scored a goal in what must have been a humiliating sadness for the goalie and maybe the first goal I’ve ever made? maybe.


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