A conversation I had with the portero today, that is to say, the guy who stands at the gate and lets you in and out. School Security.

I walk up to the gate and give my best smile. I’m here!

Portero: que necesitas? Can I help you?

Me: uh… trabajo aqui? I work here?

This keeps happening. I don’t know how we go through porteros so fast but we keep getting new ones.

So I went to school today even though there aren’t classes. I just wanted to check in and let my teachers know that if they want to plan or anything, I am available. And even though I woke up at 6:30 today, I didn’t roll into school until 9:30 because I just had to finish baking my bread. I mean, nobody was expecting me to come in anyways but I had wanted to be there more like 8:30. Because when I got there, half of the teachers I was going to talk to were gone. One out of two. But still. Anyways. I don’t know why but going to school was a huge mood boost today. Go figure. Good thing, I guess, that my school makes me happy unlike some volunteers I know.

Anyways. I go to leave and the portero’s like, “You leaving?” And I’m like. “yeah.” And he’s like, “uh… the key broke off in the lock so yeah.” Luckily we have another door.

Hey! Monday!


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