cable cars!

I’ve been off of the blogosphere for awhile, due to a number of factors.

  1. School vacations and laziness
  2. Moving out of my old host family
  3. Going home to the states for Christmas
  4. Traveling in Colombia with my good friend Emily
  5. Moving into my new host family


Please enjoy some pictures from Bogota and Medellin.

IMG_5508Trip highlights:


–          Climbing to the top of Montserrate in Bogota on New Year’s day. The altitude just about killed us, but we were with many other pilgrims making the trip, and from the top, the view was pretty stunning. We also got to ride down in a cable car, and you know how much I like cable cars.

–          Bogota has lots of beautiful architecture, especially churches, and cute artsy funky feeling old town. There is also lots of really cool graffiti everywhere.

–          We accidentally came across a museum of clothes and fiber arts. I was in heaven!

–          I also played “spot the spindles” in many museums in Bogota.


spot the spindles!

–          Riding the Transmileno. For cheaper than the bus in Cartagena, you can go on a bus system that works, with free transfers, maps, nice buses, and many other awesomenesses. Oh Transcaribe, why must you mock me with all your empty stations?


–          riding Colombia’s only metro system (which doesn’t actually go underground)

IMG_5643–          Botanical gardens. Free! And there was a high school kid playing trombone by the lake. Cool. Also azaleas.

–          The weather. It’s not called the city of eternal spring for nothing.

–          More cable cars

–          Pies Descalzo park. A wonderful park where you are encouraged to be barefoot, and to stick your feet in the fountain. We sat here IMG_5649for hours, just chilling and relaxing. It was wonderful. I wanted to go back again, but there were other things to do. My favorite thing in Medellin

General trip highlights

–          Hearing Emily’s observations about Colombia (Yes! Exactly! This is exactly what everyone else doesn’t understand)

–          Watching Emily encounter tropical fruits

–          Reminiscing about China

–          Emily’s reaction to Crepes and Waffles (can we come here again tomorrow?)

IMG_5594 IMG_5525 IMG_5465 IMG_5750 IMG_5668


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