Here are a few pages from my notebook, tea stains included.

Since I don’t have internet at the house anymore, I spend a lot of time making things.

I try to split my downtime into profitable units: 15 minutes doing chores, 15 minutes of excercise, 45 minutes playing oboe, 30 minutes studying Chinese or  French, 30 minutes of school projects and 30 minutes of making. However, I usually just spend the whole afternoon cooking and making things. Whatever.

Anyways. I had a long, somewhat skinny piece of fabric leftover from the ukelele case project, so I decided to make a skirt. It’s basically a pencil skirt, ish, with cascading pleats on the other side to complement the tiedye starburst on the one side. With an inkle woven waistband. I just have to put some snaps in, and hem the bottom. It’s a little short, but hey, that’s why I live in Latin America, yes?

Next project, button down shirt. Thought process:
– I really like the three short sleeve button-down shirts I own.

a) I should buy more
b) I should sew some
c) I should draft my own pattern and sew some.
So, I drafted a pattern.

And then, Iwent to the fabric store and they were having a BIG REMENANTS sale! I got some muslin, some heavier white cotton and some forest green LINEN!! Linen for 3,500! Originally 12,000!* A quarter of the price! All of the fabric I got yesterday costed less than the one meter for the ukulele project. It was very exciting.

My host dad was not nearly excited enough about the cheap linen, but my host mom understood.

*3,500= $1.97 12,000=$6.77


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  1. That’s my girl! Keep up the creative energy, its what makes like interesting!

  2. Nancy Quinn says:

    Reminds me of Aunt Peg in Africa. She used to make her own patterns, too.

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