The orchestra projects that I am/was involved in are either not very active or somewhat moribund at the moment (sometimes hard to tell the difference), although I do have high hopes for the future.

In the meantime though, we’ve started up a woodwind quartet! Realizing that it would be much easier to find music for quintet, we’ve decided to soldier on because French Horn players are not exactly a dime a dozen in Cartagena. Neither are oboe players, but that’s beside the point.

I think we all have around the same playing level, which makes it a lot of fun. Another orchestra friend wrote a quartet for us to play. We meet in a spare closet that’s full of old Carnaval costumes.  We’re trying to think of a spiffy name.

Another plus side to the second year of service, and staying in one place for more than a year, now that I am plugged in to a community of like-minded people, opportunities are starting to pop up.



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