And all within the last month!

So, here is a graph of English club attendence, made in MS paint by yours truly.

English club graphThe green line is attendence for a younger students English Club, which last year was five ninth graders, and this year somehow I got roped into doing and English club for 6th – 8th graders.

The red line is the older students English club. Started with three kids (the three best students ever) and basically remained three for all of last year.

See those spikes? Those mark the beginning of this year.

See that giant green spike? That marks trouble.

My coteachers convinced me that, in the interest of equality, I should have not only an English Club for the 9 – 11 grade students, but also for the middle school students. I, like a rube, agreed. We told all the kids when it was going to be, and that they would get a little bit of extra credit for coming to English Club, to sweeten the pot.

So, the first day of English club. At 2 pm, we have about 10 students. That’s okay, that’s a good number. By 2:10 we have about 20. Manageable, doable, I continue with the lesson plan. By 2:30 there were 55 students. Fifty-five middle school students. In a room with 15 chairs. I don’t know any of these kids. It was terrible.

Nobody learned anything, and some of the little hellions escaped and caused trouble for the afternoon teachers and students. It was just…bad. Out of control.

So, I talked to my coteachers and the adminstrators and there was a big uproar, but we managed to make a list of 20 middle schoolers who have the honor of being in English Club, and that’s how it’s going to go.

And the next meeting was good. And people are learning. And I’m not pulling out my hair anymore.

The high school English Club has always been great. We played a version of the price is right lately, which is also a popular game show in Colombia, and worked on clothes and prices. I also taught them I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas. And they’ve been singing it ever since. Someone will break out into this song in my 11th grade classes, inevitably. I’m okay with it. I’m glad they weren’t like, “This song is terrible and silly.”

We have a good time.



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  1. auntlianne says:

    Aunt Li-Anne taught you I like to eat,eat apples and bananas when you were learning English. Just sayin’

    Love you Cartegena Chica! Peace, Blessings, and Tales to Tell Li-Anne 760-716-3614 AuntLiAnne.WordPress.Com

  2. Your post are so much fun and enlightening! You made a good plan for the Middle school group and it sounds like its working.

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