Things that keep me sane and friendly as a PCV:

1. Ice cream

After a long hard two hours of middle school English club, it is perfectly acceptable to go eat expensive overpriced ice cream. You deserve it. Actually, just getting through another day in PC Colombia = you deserve ice cream.

2. orchestra practice

It’s great to go somewhere and not be in charge of anything, and not have to be constantly pushing for something. At orchestra practice, I show up, I play my oboe part, I have fun with the other members, and I am a musician again. It’s wonderful.

3. Radiolab podcasts

Radiolab is so wonderful. It’s great to hear people speaking English about topics that make me think and stretch my brains. “How are you” and “fine thank you” just isn’t stimulating after the millionth time. And my Spanish is not so great that I can talk about interesting things a lot of the time.

4. Great students

Sometimes my students will just do something incredibly adorable, like learn how to say something in English. Ha. No, they’re great. Going to English club twice a week and just hanging out with my students in a laidback environment is really great.


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