More lists for your pleasure

This one is in order from most normal and wonderful, to strangest and least wonderful


Please note that the chairs are terrible desk chairs and we don’t even have enough chairs for everyone. But four cellists! Four!

1. Teatro Adolfo Mejia

2. Bellas Artes school auditorium

3. Bellas Artes audiovisuals room

3. A church in barrio Paraguay

4. The medical school auditorium lobby

5. currently unused classrooms

6. a practice room with construction work sounding through the open windows, and a flickering florescent light.

7. A closet full of carnaval costumes

and of course, my bedroom, all four of the bedrooms I’ve had.

More venues to come, I’m sure.

In fact, two weeks from now, we may be playing from 0 – 4 concerts. I don’t know where. I may be playing a concerto. There may be a chorus or choruses. I really don’t know. But I’ll keep you guys updated.


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  1. Swing with it Abby! Love the carnival costume location.

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