Well, this week’s concert bonanza is over, which is probably for the best as it was a bit time intensive. We played in two churches and the classy theater downtown. I played a a Vivaldi Oboe concerto, and we also premiered a work written by our director.

We showed up at the first church in the middle of a catechism class and ended up giving a miniconcert to the kids just before they left. That was pretty awesome. One our percussionists introduced all the instruments so maybe the kids also learned something new? She’d say something like “one of the families of musical instruments is the string family. Can you guess what the littlest one is called?” (hint: the answer is violin) “A FLUTE! A FLUTE!” When in doubt, the right answer is flute. Which was ironic as we actually didn’t have any flute players there that day.

IMG_5837 IMG_5838 IMG_5833


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