So, thought I might as well do a general update on my life because I haven’t done that in a while.

1. School – School continues to be school. I’m working way too many hours this semester (25 hours at the school when we’re only supposed to be doing like 16). I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but it’s too late to back out now. Not going to happen next semester

not at my school, much to clean looking, but look at my PC polo and matching sneaks! Giving a presentation, like a boss.

. And speaking of next semester and late in the semester:

Next week is normal

The week after is a four day week

The week after is normal

The week after is test week, so I have four hour days instead of six hour days

The week after is a four day week, and a test week

The week  after is a four day week, and review (I might not have to go)

The week after is … well I have no idea what that week is supposed to be but I think English day is going down that Monday and also please see point 6 for more on that week

AND THEN there is one week of teachers only

And then I am free.

Let me summarize: We are 8 weeks away from freedom. Of these weeks, 3 are four day weeks, and I might not have to go to 2 of them, and two are test weeks, o sea, I have like… 23 days of this semester left, give or take?

2. English Club – middle school English club is going surprisingly well. Next week, I’m going to try to do some reader’s theater with them, we’ll see how that goes, but think it could be really fun. I’ll keep y’all posted and try to film maybe.

Unfortunately everyone stopped coming to high school English club, so I had to cancel it for the rest of the semester. I don’t mind having English club, in fact, I rather like English club. BUT, I rather dislike coming back to the school on a Friday afternoon and having nobody show up. Or two people show up. Not worth it. so maybe we’ll try again next semester.

Concert in a church from a month back. Oboe Concerto!

3. orchestra

Orchestra is going really well! This session we’re playing stuff by a Colombian Composer, Adolfo Mejia. It’s pretty interesting to play something that doesn’t hardly ever get played. Downsides include: the scores aren’t perfect and we keep having to stop rehearsal to correct peoples parts. (What note are you playing there? F, Maestro. Oooooh… that should be F#, pencil that in).

Going to rehearsal three times a week is basically the highlight of my week, although it does make for some long days.

And, I’m playing English Horn again for the first time in a long time. <3<3<3

Here’s part of one piece that we are going to play, played by some other orchestra, if you want to take a listen:

Happy Birthday last year!

4. Birthday

Bought myself an MP3 player that actually works as an early birthday present. It makes me happy!! So I listen to it all the time at home now. Sometimes I am an antisocial cat.

Planned Birthday celebrations include: celebrating Emily’s birthday next weekend, which is a long weekend, going back to BAQ the next weekend, so more celebration. And then Bogota in early June and continued celebration. I think cake and ice cream will probably be involved.

5. trip planning

So, as mentioned, we hope to go to Bogota in early June for a girls getaway. I also hope to go to Mompox in the near future, because it looks beautiful and it’s less of a place people go all the time. There’s also a possibility that I will go to Bogota again in Mid-June, although we may go somewhere else in the interior because…..

6. My parents are going to come visit me!!!

This will be the first time that my parents have ever come to visit me abroad, so I’m pretty excited. I’m trying not to count my chickens before they hatch, but it seems like it probably will happen, and we’re making plans. Hurrah!

I’m really looking forward to showing my parents my life here, and how happy I am, and all my friends and zumba in the plaza and exotic fruits and the most delicious places to eat on a budget, and Colombia through my eyes!

Kind of an old picture. But remember long sleeves? Those were the days…


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  1. Glad your excited about us coming and we just can’t wait to see it all with you and through you! Spanish is coming slow so knowing we will have an interpreter is great!
    Love you

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