I recently finished my shirt project, so here’s a glance at what I hope to do next.IMG_5921 ..
On the left, we have my tracing of some pattern pieces for a shirt that I plan to make. The procedure was thus: buy some big see through paper to trace the lines onto so that you can actually see what’s going on. What actually happened was that I covered a piece of scrap paper with chalk pastel that I just happened to have on hand, and then traced through the pattern, through the pastel, and onto the big paper. If you look closely in the bottom right, you can see the faint pastel marks. Then trace over with pencil, cut out. Lay out on fabric and cut. That’s what I did this morning instead of doing anything useful. I also spent a good half hour staring at the pattern pieces  (two particular pieces) trying to figure out how they go together. The directions are about 100 words long, and in spanish. Turns out one of the pieces is a linerrrrr for the otherrrr. So, that’s why they wouldn’t fit together properly. Magic!

What is this going to be? There is a kind of typical man’s shirt here on the coast called a guayabera. It’s often made of linen, and often white. It features tone on tone embroidery on sort of what would be the princess line seams if men had boobs. I’m incredibly jealous of my menfriends guayaberas, so I’m going to make a lady version. This is the plan. And I’m going to embroidery it with a pattern reminiscent of the wrought iron bars that are ubiquitous here.

I have some sketches. I’ll upload them later.

Project 2: My mom sent me this dress instead of jelly beans.

IMG_5885Let me explain. I don’t know how I convinced myself that my mom’s easter package was going to be absolutely full of jelly beans, but I was sure of it. I told all my friends that jelly beans were on their way and after waiting weeks and weeks to be able to get the package from the volunteer who picked it up for me, I opened the package to give him his share of the jelly beans and, well, My mom sent me this dress instead of jelly beans.

Isn’t it cool?

It’s about a foot too long. And the pocket is about where my knees are. And also it’s like, meltingly hot here. So, I’m going to change things up a little. The plan: flutter sleeves.



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  1. That’s going to be cute Abby! Sorry there were no Jelly Beans! You’ll just have to be in the good old USA next Easter.

  2. […] finally finished the dress that I started planning in this post The ever lovely Emily helped out with […]

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