English Club, 6 – 8th graders.

Me: Okay, we’re going to play a gameI write “game” on the board. What does game mean?

Adorable 7th grade boy: GAME OVER!

Me: Aha! Yes! “Game Over.” What does that mean?

Everybody: Fin del juego! Juego! Juego!

Me. Yeah. Now, this game is called “four corners” Four…

Everybody: Cuatro!

Me: Corners….

Adorable 7th grade boy: Corner Kick!

Me: Yes! “Corner Kick!” So “corner” is…..

Everybody: Esquina!  Esquina!

English is everywhere here. People play “beisbol” and “volibol,” we drink “sun tea” (pronounced soontee).

(teacher, what is “sol” in English? Sun. Sun, like suntea? Yes.)

Sometimes I don’t know if people realize that a lot of the things in their surroundings are in English. If I can just get them to look around and make connections, my job is a lot easier.



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