Excuse the poor quality of these webcam pictures.

I spent all day yesterday a Peace Corps training working on my white lady-guayabera, and it’s starting to look like a shirt. As one volunteer said “Hey, isn’t that a guayabera?” To which I replied, “Yeah, a lady-guayabera.”

All that remains for the shirt is:
collar and collar stand
sleeve cuffs
cutting off all the loose threads
washing off the stray marks on the embroidery

But the embroidery is finished, and that’s what counts.

The other piece is… well, before I can make this dress, I wanted to make sure that the pattern I drafted for the top looked all right and wasn’t hideously mis-drafted. It isn’t. I had some leftover fabric from a kindle case project that I used for this, and I decided that it looked good enough that I could go ahead and attach the remains of a t-shirt to it for a skirt. It’s also going to have pockets. Haven’t quite finished it yet though…0


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