Welcome to English Day!

Welcome to English Day!

To celebrate the end of the semester, we had an English Day! In Colombia, we have school from January to December, so that, coupled with the lack of recognizable seasons so close to the equator, means I have no idea what time of year it is, ever. Especially back in the States. (People are complaining about how hot it is… is it summer? pishposh, it can’t be that hot)

Anyways, back to English Day. This was several months in the planning. The idea was that each section of each grade, example, 6º1, 6º2, 11º1, would put on a performance. They varied in quality, but at the end of the day, I think it was a success. Special shout out to the eleventh graders who put on an English class skit, with them pretending to be five-year olds. Cute! And hilarious. The crowd loved it. (And because the topics were ABCs and Colors, I’m pretty sure just about everyone understood and enjoyed)

The eleventh graders "in English Class"

The eleventh graders “in English Class”

And, as a special highlight, about 8 of last year’s 11th graders showed up halfway through to take a peek. They’re on vacation from University right now. I have high hopes for them. It’s great to see former students becoming adults,


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  1. Aunt Alaina says:

    You certainly have laid down some roots there in Colombia, if you have returning students coming for a visit! Hooray! Glad there is so much going on. I loved going to school year round for my doctorate. Not much time to get lazy. . . Helps with retention of information. Does the high school education finish after the 11 th year? Seems like just your speed. On to higher education.

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