We’re set to go back to school tomorrow. On the one hand I’m like “uggggg” but on the other hand, hanging out and doing nothing is starting to get a little old. So, some days I just like to run through the schedule for the rest of the year in my head and giggle at all the times I get to do cool things and not school, like COS conference, thanksgiving, Novembrinas.

Last semester was intense. Somehow I got roped into way too many hours at school. And, I ended up not having time to do things I like, like sitting in my room and sewing, or zumba. Not letting that happen again. So, without further ado, my list of goals, and some caveats.

1. Work less*

2. Internet Cafe more°

3. Zumba more**

4. Learn French°°

5. Figure out my next step***

* By this I really mean “Be at school, in the classroom, teaching English less.” I have a lot of plans for things I want to do that are related to my project but not actually co-teaching (for instance typing up all the English Activities we’ve done and collating all that sort of thing in a notebook, among other things). Besides the fact that co-teaching really isn’t about the students. I am not here to teach your students, I’m here to work with you so you can teach your students better. Some teachers have trouble with this. So yeah, I’m still going to be working, I’m just going to be taking up residence in the Internet Cafe more.

°Sometimes I spend a long time in the internet cafe and I’m like “Wow, that’s an hour and half of my life wasted looking at cat videos on youtube.”  But you know what, no! I do work on the internet and I look at cat videos, so it’s okay. And besides, my internet cafe costs like, a dollar for two hours, it’s air-conditioned, and it’s got this sweet holographic picture of Napoleon over my head right now that I can look at for inspiration. I deserve it!

**No caveat. More Zumba can only be good. I went last night and last Thursday and everyone was like, “where have you been!?” Yeah I probably haven’t gone to Zumba since January… That will change!

°°Some of my plans for the future include French skills. Time to brush up. I have some leads, and really it’s just a matter of esfuerzo and not lazycat.

***I have some ideas, but nothing concrete enough to put on the blogosphere. But I am working on some plans. I’ll let y’all know.


Also this is my 200th blog post so yay?


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