IMG_6201 IMG_6202guayabera finished


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  1. Beautiful Abby…. of course you could run a visual arts program!

  2. Your handwork is amazing…your Guayabera is just beautiful….Not many people could hand tailor such a masterpiece! You are so multitalented, you amaze your Grandmother 🙂 I looked for a FB connection, but only find your blog…hope I am using it right. GrFather and I are hosting a wine and cheese party at the new Aerospace Museum, tonight….sort of a marketing thing for them, and also a chance for us to be with friends….We think about 60 will be there. !!!!! All is good with us “Old Folks”. Have you decided what you will do when your 2 year committment in Columbia is up? If you are planning to be US bound, let us know where you will be….we will try to see you….Love you Honey…Gram and GrFather

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