… everything stops being new and exciting. We’re about 6 weeks shy of two years here, and all I’ve got to say is same ol’ ol’. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good times to be had, why, yesterday I did laundry AND made hummus so that’ll be a full morning. And in the afternoon I hdd middle school English Club.

But none of that’s really exciting enough to blog about, in my opinion.

Today I have to go to the immigrations people and do something about my passport and national ID card. Our ids and visa expire after every year, so we had to do this last year too. Only we never did get our ids. They’d tell us it should be ready in January, and then when you come back in January they tell us to come back in two weeks, but we know when we are being politey told that someone doesn’t want to go out with us, and likewise we just stopped asking at some point. Luckily no one ever checks your id.

Well, I guess one exciting thing is that I flew a kite for possibly the first time ever or at least the first time I remember. Want to weigh in on this, parents? I think South Georgia’s combination of trees and lack of wind unless there’s a hurricane in Florida might have something to do with it. So we went to the beach this weekend and flew kites. I have no pictures, so maybe it didn’t happen.  Also,  August is kite flying month, but just like last year I failed to get a picture of the hoards of students flying kites by the city walls. Sorry.

In other mildly interesting news, one of my 6th graders got ahold of my cell phone and licked my sim card and battery so my phone is a little fritzy now.


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  1. Why would anyone lick a battery? As for kite flying, it seems we must have done so because we made kites in art camp one year but I bet the flying part of the project was less than memorable for the reasons you cited plus the heat and humidity when you aren’t at the beach! Come back to Wyoming, land of the wind and we will fly kites to our hears content, even in the winter!

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