Are no more for this world.

IMG_6253The metal ring holding the top part together basically just burst of after getting out of a taxi in Santa Marta.

“WAIT! Wait for me my shoe stopped working!”

So then, in the  bus ride, my challenge was to repair my shoe before arriving at our destination with no tools and only things found in my backpack.

It worked, after a fashion, but it’s not as sturdy or tight as it used to be. I think, maybe, the time has come to let go.

Goodbye shoes…

(Other fun parts of the trip involved riding cowboy style (hanging half out the front door) through the rain and Barranquilla arroyos. I was drenched. We had some transportation issues and shoe issues, but on the whole the trip was fun.)


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  1. Humm…. too bad they can’t go into an art project. Maybe you can cut off the woven part and I can put it in my Life Rings project with the rest of your Peace Corps clothes
    Love you!

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