I had the good fortune, and cash saved up, to be able to spend a week in Georgia last week participating in the wedding of one of my most excellent friends (hi Alyssa!)

It was my first time being a bridesmaid, but I think I did alright. I had never realized just how much work goes into putting on a wedding and reception. And it wasn’t even a huge wedding even though I feel like I must have set out about a thousand place settings. If I ever get married I think I’ll just invite everyone to the house after for cookies and boardgames like my brother did. Something simple.

It was also strange to go back to where I’m from after three and a half years away. (“From” somewhere is a discussion for another day). Going back to the US and staying with my parents in Wyoming is quite a different thing. The steady sameness of family against the backdrop of the west just feels different than Georgia does. The landscape is right there. There are trees. And Southern people are really a specific kind of people.

I also got to see some people from University that I haven’t seen since I left. They’re all at very different stages of their lives than I am and it’s kind of hard to believe that if I had stayed, I could be that settled too.

41 days left!


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  1. 41 days! I could make a paper chain for that! 🙂

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