So, Thanksgiving was not super long ago.

This was my third Thanksgiving here in Colombia. It’s been really interesting to see the Peace Corps Colombia program grow bigger and grow up in some ways.

The first year, we all had Thanksgiving together, all the staff, all the volunteers, and some former volunteers, because there just weren’t that many of us.

The second year, we split up into three groups and went to different staff members’ houses, who very kindly cook us some delicious


This year, there are so many people that we had to have Thanksgiving at a fancy shmancy country club all together.

We had turkey with strawberry sauce, broccoli, salad, and rice (no Colombian feast is complete without rice).



Viva Peace Corps Colombia!
Concurrently with Thanksgiving is our yearly All Volunteer Conference, which was so awesome this year.  It’s just been that much greater this year. We had an excellent speaker who spoke a Colombian Government program to eradicate poverty. And we got visits from a whole bunch of NGOs that people could do secondary projects with. Overall, it’s just what I would have wanted when I was first starting out. CII5 is going to have such a different experience than we did. But I think it has changed for the better.


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