Well, we’ve come to the end of another Holiday season, it would seem. I hope you had a great holiday too?

I’m really happy that I got to spend a little over a month with my family here, especially since the Peace Corps was originally planning to send me straight from Colombia to Benin. (That would have been weird.)

I’fm pretty much all packed up to go, only a few little things to put in the carry on  yet. This trip’s focus is packing light. I mean, after two and a quarter years in Peace Corps Colombia, nine months seems like an incredible short time. I keep looking at things and deciding against them. (Flat sheet? I think I can survive nine months without you…Ukulele? Perhaps I’ll pick up something more interesting along the way.)

I’ve managed to squeeze everything into one rolly (about 25-30 pounds), one duffel (15 pounds) and my backpack and a purse. I’d have even less if I hadn’t decided that my new inkle loom is the coolest thing ever. Well, it is. I MUST bring it. I must weave.

One of many instances of knitting in public, at the governor’s mansions in Cheyenne.

Anyways. Vacation top ten

1. Spending time with my family, obviously, but also getting to spend a week with my extended family in New York, including several cousins that I haven’t seen in a while and who got much, much cooler in the interim.

2.  Food. This vacation has been mostly about pushing my digestive system to its limits. And also all the tea you can drink.

3. Reuniting with my yarn stash, long sleeved clothing, and sewing machine.

4. Discovering -some- interesting things in Cheyenne. Example: Tasty Korean restaurant I’d never been to, and Spooners frozen yogurt. And the Antelope Indian Restaurant/Gas station/ Home of the Kabuti world champion circa 1970. But that wasn’t a discovery, really.

5. BOOKS! So many books! Did you know Cheyenne has one of the best libraries in the country?

6. Playing lots of board games

7. Shopping for all the stuff I need for Benin (mostly new panties and the like) and fretting about my visa, etc. Finally got some Chacos so now I’m a real Peace Corps volunteer, right?

8. Wearing handknit socks everyday and my footie pyjamas at night.

9. Exploring future career options.

10. Just marveling at all the weird and yet right that is America.


11. Snow and cold. Just kidding. I kind of hate the cold. Take me back to the tropics where there are reasonable temperatures. Thanks.


I hope you all enjoy reading my blog in the coming, and for all the random family members who I learned over the holidays keep up with me, welcome!

Hooray for onesies!


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  1. We loved having you and will miss you so much! Can’t wait to see what adventures you get up to in Benin as Abby Rowswell the art teacher!

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