subtitle: handsewing in Benin


Well, I finished my first sewing project, which is:

A pair of pants!

With pleats to look kind of like a skirt!

(picture at left cropped because of unsightly clutter)

I have debuted the pants, to a good reception. I have not, however, gotten any pictures of them in the wild.

On their first afternoon out, my pants and I went to the little market near my house.

Now, side note, sometimes people will tell me to give them stuff, which is a little strange, but perhaps understandable. “Hey, give me your bicycle!” I mean, it is a pretty awesome bike. “Hey, give me your glasses!” Nope, sorry, I need those for seeing. And they would just make your head hurt.

So I was out walking in my new pants when this girl was like: “Hey, give me your pants!” and I was like…. “but I’m wearing them?” I mean, it just seemed like an odd request.

And then we kept talking…. “Who made them? Was it a tailor or did you do it?” “I did it.” “Yeah, but was it a tailor or did you do it?” “I … did it. It was me.” The conversation went on like this for awhile, as I’m sure you can imagine. Well, I ended up agreeing to make her a matching pair of pants. (I have no intention of making her a matching pair of pants. I don’t even know who she is)

Needless to say, I shall be walking the other way to the market for at least a week, I should think.



The pants in question.

I traced out a normal, straight legged and rather boring pair of pants from a BurdaStyle magazine that I had picked up in Colombia awhile back. Then, I got rid of the darts, measured in some pleats, sewed it up and popped on a waist band.

I didn’t feel like going out and trying to find a zipper at this point in my life, so, I just made a sort of and open on the top pocket that will eventually snap closed (right now I have a safety pin) and then the waistband hooks together. That doesn’t really make sense, sorry.


I have a skirt that my mom made with a closure like that (it’s blue and patchworky with some maroon and white… and there’s a sort of a pocket-closure? Do you know what I’m talking about Mom? it’s in my closet. Check and report back on what kind of a closure that is. Because I like it.)

It’s not a perfect close at the moment, and I made it too big in the waist, slightly. So… Next time it will be perfect!

(It’s very comfortable and great for bike riding.)

And I handsewed it. Cuz that’s how I roll.


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  1. cathy says:

    yes, give me your pants :)! they love it when you start acting as if you really are going to give it to them as well, always makes ’em laugh

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