The only thing more exciting that a “yovo” (gringa, white person) walking around your town (at one time, in which, there are only ever about 40 white people, possibly more) is seeing a yovo whiz by on a bicycle.

(although seeing a yovo almost get squooshed by an earth moving machine might just be more exciting than both of these [I think that it was probably a one time thing though])

Seriously though, I love my bike. I love it so much.

If somebody is shouting “yovo, yovo, yovo” at me, or singing the ridiculous “yovo, yovo” song, I don’t even have to purposefully ignore them, I can just speed right by and my very speed does the ignoring for me.

Imagine if I had had a bicycle in Colombia! Every time some one cat-called me, or made ridiculous piropos, or hissed at me or made kissing noises directly in my ear, I could have just whizzed right by them. LATER!

And, instead of an hours walk to work (totally walkable distance and probably not worth a bus fare for PCVs in Colombia) I can be there in 15 minutes! What luxury! I can spend the other 45 minutes knitting or something! An hour and a half per day at least extrapolated over the course of nine months here could potentially be a lot of socks. Send yarn!

Okay, okay, I know why we didn’t have bikes in Colombia. It would have been rather unfeasible for the situation but I guess the point is, my situation here is just so much better in a lot of ways.

And I love my bike.IMG_6954


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  1. Great you are enjoying your bike and Africa in general! It is where you wanted to be in the first place and now you have arrived!

  2. cathy says:

    Have you seen the knitting shop in Ouidah? I never went in because i wasnt a knitter, but i was always curious about what exactly people knitted in such hot weather… baby stuff?

    • abbyinthebox says:

      I’ve seen it and I will go in someday. I’m knitting some socks right now but it’s slow going because it’s just so hot. I bring the knitting to parties when I’m feeling anti-social.

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