IMG_6986 IMG_6987Well, I’ve been settled into my little house here about three weeks now, and it’s starting to feel a little homey. I got some furniture about a week and a half ago, so now I have chairs to sit on and a table to eat off of, a bookshelf to put things on, and a table to set up my little gas cook stove on. I also have had a mattress since day one. And that’s about it as far as furniture goes. I may acquire some more later, maybe after I get my January and February living allowances.

That’s next week’s task.

I have electricity, which is pretty excellent. It goes out just about everyday for anywhere from about 1 hour to about 12 hours sometimes. Which is usually okay unless it’s at night in which case I am very sad about the lack of my electric fan. Sleeping is difficult on these nights.

All in all, it’s pretty excellent. So much better than living with a host family, even if I did end up liking one of my five host families in Colombia.

IMG_6985Tasks after I get a little cash in hand:

  • putting up screening on the windows
  • buying more baskets to put things in
  • More chairs?
  • And maybe someday I’ll get a bed frame or a fridge, if I’m feeling wealthy.
  • Plastic containers for keeping dry foods on hand
  • baking tins for setting up a dutch oven

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  1. cathy says:

    Near the military camp there’s a place that sells all sorts of junk from europe, including tart pans and cake molds! I even brought one back to the USA, it had a really nice vintage pattern on it. The prices on them are crazy, like 4500 CFA each, but the guy will let them go for 500~ish CFA.

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