There is a substantially large market within walking distance from my home. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s only held every 5 (or four) days. For instance, if the market falls on a Monday the next one will be Friday.

This is good, because there are many days of the week I can’t go to the market, because I’m working, so the days always being different is a bonus. This is bad because it’s hard to remember when the market actually is.

Now, perhaps you don’t know this, but I am an introvert. There are people that I like, certainly. I just don’t like people… in general. Especially

-strangers touching me

-strangers shouting at me

-strangers shouting “Come here!!”


-strangers shouting at me in languages I don’t understand

-strangers trying to sell me things

-strangers trying to befriend me

-strangers staring at me

-kids jumping in front of my bike and playing chicken, kids trying to poke my bike with sticks, kids grabbing my bike from behind.

All of these (except the last bullet point, that is a completely different rant) can be found in large supply at the market.

But, there are certainly treasures to be had including:

-a large selection of reasonably priced fabrics

-a larger variety of vegetables all in one place than can usually be found


-bits and bobs for around the house

-kittens and puppies

(I did not indulge in the last one)

And so much more! It’s very exciting, once you’ve paced up and down the aisle for at least a half hour screwing your courage to the sticking place. It took quite awhile for me to make my first purchase (mysterious greens and ginger), but once I did, I did alright. Well, I did get stuck in a fabric booth for a fair bit longer than strictly necessary and ended up buying approximately three times as much fabric as I had expected. But there are worse vices.

I hear there’s this thing in the US where people buy things with lots of coupons and post their results on facebook? Consider this an homage.



ecraser stone for grinding stuff (couldn’t find a mortar and pestle)

6 yards of fabric

mysterious greens



Unfortunately for me, one of the fabrics has HOLES in it. Noooo! But I can still make something usable out of it, I’m sure. Next time though, I will inspect the whole fabric and if there are holes I will demand a discount.


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  1. That’s right Abby!!! Get into the bartering mode. Just pretend you are Emily!

  2. cathy says:

    oooooooooooooooooooo i like i like!

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